Fleet Finance

Fleet Finance

Simply decide on the type of vehicle you require, we will source it, procure it and deliver it to your doorstep.

The Talis Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Full Lease product is a fleet management service that provides you, as a corporate or public sector fleet owner, with a comprehensive financial and maintenance package to suit your individual needs.

Full Maintenance Leasing allows you to select your choice of vehicle, over a convenient period, at a fixed monthly rental. Subsequently, your vehicle is maintained, with none of the risks associated with ownership (except for driver abuse). All finance and resale risks are carried by Talis Fleet. Being an end-to-end service, Talis Fleet will also dispose of the vehicle on your behalf.

Full Maintenance Leasing rentals are fully tax deductible under company tax regulations as an operating expense. Apart from peace of mind, you also get to free up the capital which would otherwise be tied up in your fleet, for income-generating opportunities.

Talis Fleet offers this product on all makes and models of vehicle, including medium/heavy commercial vehicles and yellow fleets.

We can help in financing your fleet lease and provide you with a customised fleet solution to support your business goals.


Outsourcing = more time to focus on your business

Quotes are based on your exact requirements.

You determine vehicle make, accessories/ distance to be covered & leasing period.

Choose from our highly competitive insurance deals.

Licensing and registration are done by us when the vehicle is purchased.

We’ll purchase your new vehicle and deliver it to you anywhere in S.A.

Our team of experts facilitates the service bookings on your behalf.

Flexible contract parameters, together we conclude Bi-annual contract restructures.