Telematics & Vehicle Tracking

Telematics and Vehicle Tracking

Talis Fleet Specialist Vehicle Management Services

Telematics is a risk-minimising technology which has transformed the fleet management business. Telematics is the collection, aggregation and storage of pertinent data that can be ‘digested’ locally, or post-processed remotely.

We provide fleet and vehicle asset managers with effective solutions for the efficient management of their mobile transportation assets, through the integration of cellular, geo-positioning internet and software technologies.

Talis Fleet Vehicle Management Services Tracking Solutions provide individualised, best-in-class informational fleet management, vehicle monitoring, tracking and vehicle recovery.

Our technology is GPS and GPRS enabled, which allows for real-time, 24 hour vehicle location viewing. Receive automatic updates as well as accurate and reliable location data, giving you access to your fleet’s information, anywhere, anytime. This effective management tool helps increase productivity and reduces costs by emphasising fleet inefficiencies and wasteful practices.

We offer the most advanced and innovative technology to provide you with full service fleet management solutions.


Identify over and under-utilised vehicles

Improve overall operational efficiencies

Effective vehicle deployment, scheduling, routing and dispatching

Based on an Open Systems framework

Fully flexible & integrated product range

Geo-fencing alerts notify you when vehicles violates set boundaries

Pre-plan your routes and allow for unexpected deviations

Driver tagging: identification tags for driver–vehicle recognition

Driver profiling monitors and records each drivers’ activity

Receive automated maintenance reports